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When I can’t sleep, I write. When I need to think, I write. When I need to cope, I write.

Writing helps me in many aspects of my life. It slows down my thoughts to allow me to process information in a coherent way instead of thinking ten steps ahead and losing sight of the present.

In the current global pandemic, I need this cure often. I’m constantly looking forward to the future and getting lost in potential outcome six or seven instead of realizing that right now, I’m fine.

That’s not to say that everyone is fine, and it’s not intended to downplay any of the hardship and suffering people around the world are going through. Loss of family and friends. Loss of employment or income. Dismantled routines, long days, sleepless nights, anxious thoughts. All of these and more are being felt around the world as we all try to cope with COVID-19 and it’s devastating wake.

I’m not here with answers, in fact I have many of the same questions. All I have to offer is what has worked for me. When all seems bleakest, try to find your inner peace within. When you can only imagine the worst case scenarios, bring it back to the first step you can take to prevent those futures from becoming reality.

And yes, write. Write down your thoughts, your fears, your anxieties. Don’t put down the pen until you have travelled back from your umpteenth possibility to right now.

You can do this.