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Quick pic from my lunch walk today. I love the contrasting colors between the snowy mountains and the [surprisingly] clear ground below.

M1 MacBook Air

I preordered an M1 MacBook Air as soon as they were available on Apple’s site. Those who know me weren’t surprised I bought one of the new machines – I buy most new Apple products – however, several of my friends asked me why I got the Air instead of the 13" MacBook Pro or even the Mac Mini. At the time, the main reason was to give the retina MacBook Air form factor a try. I was hopeful that the fanless performance of the M1 chip would be comparable to the other machines, but even if it wasn’t I didn’t intend to do much on it that required sustained high performance.

Wow have I been blown away.

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I moved to Utah eight (!!) years ago and although I fought it at first, always looking for the next place to move, it now feels like home.

Here’s to more fun experiences and great memories in the years to come!

My team at Bleacher Report and a broader group of colleagues at Turner Sports worked tirelessly for the last several months to expand our live video coverage in the B/R app.

Incredibly fun to watch #TheMatch today in the app and chat with fans of golf. bleacherreport.com/post/headlines…

Match Promo Image

The battery life on the new M1 MacBook Air is magical.

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