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Tweets are now Notes

When I created this site, I decided I wanted to have some of my favorite tweets live alongside my blog posts. After all, Twitter started out as a microblogging platform, so my tweets were mini blog posts anyway. Then things changed, Twitter stopped being Twitter, and posting there didn’t feel the same. Then at some point they weren’t even technically tweets (Xeets?).

I still post tweet-like content on some platforms (mainly Mastodon), but I wanted a place to share something longer than a tweet/toot/thread, but shorter than a blog post.

Enter notes. Sitting right in the same feed as my posts and links1, I’ve relocated all of my old tweets to be notes, and will start posting short-ish content here on my own site. Sometimes it may be a repost of something I said elsewhere, but it will also be a place where I share exclusive notes, like this one I posted a little earlier as the inaugural native note on this site.

  1. Each content type also has it’s own feed, linked in the footer in order of [probable] length: notes, links, and posts↩︎