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Life should be lived, not endured

We live life day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, breath by breath. There’s no way to change that. Sometimes though, we wish away time, looking forward to the next thing: the weekend, the party, the trip. When we do that, we shift from living into enduring. The time still passes the same way, but it’s no longer valuable time to us. It is simply time that we need to get through in order to arrive at the moment we actually care about.

That’s a recipe for regret. Do that enough times and you’ll look back at weeks, months, and years spent wishing away the present for a future that simply came and went.

Back to the grind. Back to enduring. Back to waiting for time to pass.

Instead I’m trying to value every breath I take, living every moment with intention. In the moments I find myself wishing for a better future, I will come back to the present where I will find a life being lived.