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Mac Studio – Day One

The Mac Studio I ordered the day after launch finally arrived, and it’s been so worth it. It’s been an incredibly fast and responsive desktop, and I love that there’s now an Apple desktop that makes sense if the iMac doesn’t suit your needs (like if you own a Pro Display XDR). I decided to set it up from scratch as a new machine and document all of the things I did on day one to get it configured for my daily workflows, and wanted to write it all down.

The 2022 Mac Studio in all it's glory on my desk

Here it all is, in list form.1

By this point I felt like the machine was in a pretty good spot, and I’ve definitely needed to tweak and install things since then, but now I have a playbook for the next time I need to set up a new machine from scratch.

  1. The config I went with is the M1 Ultra (20-core CPU, 48-core GPU) with 64GB of memory and 4TB of internal SSD storage 💸 ↩︎