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Farewell and Hello

🎙️ clears throat

Is this thing on?

After over five years at Bleacher Report working on sports media technology, it’s time for another adventure. But first, please indulge me in looking back. I’ve worked with so many incredible people at B/R. They’ve helped me grow as an engineer, as a leader, and as a person.

There are far too many to name, but I’d like to shout out a few:

Again, there are too many people to list, but most of folks I’ve worked with at B/R have been kind, genuine, and good at what they do. If we worked together at Bleacher Report and you’re reading this, thank you!

Helping lead the B/R app’s evolution from a sports news aggregator to a fully-fledged social sports platform has been a fun set of challenges to tackle over the last several years, and I look forward to seeing how the team continues to innovate on the foundation we built. I will forever look back on my time at B/R with fondness. Being able to combine my passion for sports and love of technology while working with spectacular people was an incredible opportunity.

So… what’s next for me?

I’ve accepted a job at Apple.

For me, working for Apple is a bucket list item. I’ve dreamt of working there ever since I bought my first iPod, and that desire only grew over the years as I bought my first Mac, iPhone, and eventually made a career out of writing iPhone apps. But even more than it being a lifelong dream, throughout the interview process I’ve been impressed by the intelligence, kindness, and care shown by my future colleagues. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the Apple story and look forward to starting this chapter of my career.