ramblings of joe / notes / 2021

Remember when we made cool webpages that showed what we were up to all over the Internet? I whipped one up over the holidays: joemc.xyz

It includes what I’m listening to, tweeting, reading, and writing. What else should I add?

Sometimes it hits me that I get to sit at my desk, write software, listen to music, and get paid for it. Today is one of those days. Feeling incredibly lucky and grateful.

I think this new knife will do just the trick for chopping through the Amazon.

…boxes. (Note to self: read the size more carefully next time)

Me: “Why? Who wrote this?”
/me toggles git blame in Xcode, hoping it wasn’t me 🤞🏼

/me closes git blame in shame 🙈

(In my defense, I wrote it three years ago… so while I don’t like it now, it’s still doing the trick 🤷‍♂️)

I think most people would be surprised to find out how much I subsist off of Clif bars and Red Bull during the summer months.