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Apple Vision Pro Launch Day Details

Mark Gurman shared some cool details about Vision Pro launch day procedures:

In-store pickup customers who order online can either take the device and leave, go through the in-store demo or do a 1:1 set up with an employee to verify size/fit. If needed, customers can swap sizes of individual parts.

If a customer sets up their device at home and there’s a sizing issue, they can come back to the store for a swap.

Employees are piecing together the boxes with the right component sizes to order.

I’ve run through the sizing on two devices multiple times and have been told the same headband size all but once (with the same light seal every time).

Even with the consistency of the scan, it’s comforting to know that the preorders are mainly securing your Vision Pro model (by storage size), not the unique combination SKU representing the headband size, light seal, and storage tier.

Seems like they learned from the original Apple Watch launch.

The packaging is giant - like about the size of two Mac Studio boxes or a large shoe box. The headset comes pre attached to the Solo Knit Band. There are also commemorative shopping bags - like with the original iPhone.

The hype is real for this thing. Commemorative shopping bags don’t matter to me, but Apple is trying to make this launch special.