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Real Artists Ship

There’s an aphorism that’s attributed to Steve Jobs that I’ve often used to spur on my own artistic endeavors:

“Real artists ship.”

Those three simple words convey a whole host of underlying meaning, and personally I find it incredibly helpful to refocus my own efforts toward the end goal: shipping my art for the world to see.

I’ve had several pet projects I’ve been working on, in some cases for multiple years, that I keep tinkering away on with no end in sight. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that – it’s good to have side projects that sharpen your craft or serve as test beds for learning – but at least one of the projects has been eating away at me, calling out for me to ship it.

So over the next little bit, I’ll put in the final touches of work needed to get it to v1.0, and ship it. Stay tuned!

A partial screenshot of <redacted> (I've already said too much!)

Mac Studio – Day One

The Mac Studio I ordered the day after launch finally arrived, and it’s been so worth it. It’s been an incredibly fast and responsive desktop, and I love that there’s now an Apple desktop that makes sense if the iMac doesn’t suit your needs (like if you own a Pro Display XDR). I decided to set it up from scratch as a new machine and document all of the things I did on day one to get it configured for my daily workflows, and wanted to write it all down.

The 2022 Mac Studio in all it's glory on my desk

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My Home Office

It’s been almost three years since I last wrote about my remote work setup, and a lot has changed in everyone’s lives since then. It was time for me to post some new photos of my home office, and write about some of the things that help me do my best work. But first, let’s talk a little bit about remote work almost two years into the pandemic.

Wide-angle picture of my office in February, 2022

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I wanted to have fun on the internet again. Around a decade ago (wow, time flies!), I remember lots of little landing pages built just for fun. There were no monetization strategies or traffic expectations. These were websites built simply to showcase fun content, play with fun technologies, or a combination of the two.

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A while ago, I got into mechanical keyboards. I was intrigued by a picture posted to Twitter by @garrettmurray. All three of the keyboards he showed were interesting, but the bottom one – the little guy – was the one that caught my eye the most. I had to have it.

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